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Imaging Technology is constantly evolving. We research and invest in the most efficient, cutting-edge systems as they emerge – from partnerships with our hardware and software vendors to consistent fine-tuning of our systems in ways that save you time and money.Data Guard intelligent storage management solutions Stamford, Connecticut Fairfield County.

A few keystrokes on your remote terminal and materials will be gathered and shipped at any time of the day or night, via our own dispatched vehicles or your courier. For even faster service, go online and access exactly what you are looking for on demand via direct dial-up or the Internet. Unique document indexing allows for easy identification of records at the folder and sub-folder levels.

Our programmers will tailor our software to be seamlessly compatible with yours – or design a new application for your unique requirements. We offer flexible, state-of-the-art solutions – easily scalable for your ever-evolving data storage needs. At Data Guard, we are focused on meeting all the storage needs of our clients.

Quickly and effortlessly place a legal hold on files… conduct search and destroy missions… track every file request and generate usage reports.

Simplified retrieval systems are fully secured for total confidentiality, yet user friendly. Trust Data Guard to protect what matters most. Never lose a document. Never lose time trying to access one.

Please call one of our storage consultants today at (203) 977-7777 to find out more about our intelligent storage management solutions.

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